27 janvier 2013

Big Rabbit's reviews (& news)

You can read a fun and nice review about my book "Big Rabbit's bad mood"
in the great blog: Curious Page. Thank you to them :)

There is also a review here: 32 pages
And here: Stickers and stuff
First published in France (Title: "Gros-Lapin") by the publisher Naïve,
the story was written by my friend the author Ramona Badescu.
Then it was published by Chronicle Books.

You can see some more pictures of this book on my flickr galery here: BIG RABBIT on Flickr.

We would be very happy that this book be published 
in other countries. The publisher with which we worked 
on this book quit Naïve a few years ago and created a 
new publishing house (a great one), but about "Big Rabbit" 
now we don't really know who is in charge at Naïve Books. 


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